Past Events

List of Shows

Oct 2013 ".", images, text, flyer

Sept / Oct 2013 "Natural Life", text, flyer, panel discussion, tirtza even on making natural life

Aug / Sept 2013 "Factory Setting: the space of labor", text, flyer1, flyer2, images , review by rsharp

Apr / May 2013 "Let's Don't Take No Chance", text (ben hall), flyer, trick candle, she shells

March / April 2013 "How is Your School?", text and list of events

Nov / Dec 2012 "Drifting Towards Consequence", text, flyer

Sept / Oct 2012 "From Here On Out", text, flyer, "Hamtramck Redact (rough edit)"

Aug / Sept 2012 "To Arrive Where We Started", text, flyer

July / Aug 2012 "T(H)READ", text, flyer, photos by chido johnson

April 2012 "Unthinkable", text, flyer, catalog, photos of opening by Rebecca Cook

Oct/Nov 2011 "Lay of the Land", text, flyer

July/Aug 2011 "Water/Rock/Wood", text, flyer, images by Kay Westhues

June/July 2011 "Prime Candidates", text, flyer, photos, review of show by Matthew Piper, Andy Thompson builds a clothes tornado

March/April 2011 "Turn", text, flyer, photos of opening, courtesy of Cedric Tai, review of show by Matthew Piper

Sept/Oct 2010 "About Time", text, flyer

July/Aug 2010 "Swim Lane", text, flyer, catalog, photos of the opening by george rahme

June 2010 "Exile and Utopia", text, flyer, view the book

Apr/May 2010 "Flexing Muscles", text, flyer, interview with rebecca mazzei on wdet

Mar 2010 "Ron Hayward: Remembered in Art", text, flyer

Jan/Feb 2010 "'jide Aje", text, flyer, series on card

Sept/Oct 2009 "The Necessary Friction of the Machine", text, flyer, photos

May/Jun 2009 "Walking Distance", text, catalog,"schwartz shortz", article

Apr/May 2009 "Wally Shoup and Robert Bailey", text, flyer, a (paintings by robert bailey)

Jan/Feb 2009 "Once A Wall, or Ripple Remains", text, flyer, movie clips on markszine

Oct/Nov 2008 "Frank English and Clinton Snider", text, flyer

Aug 2008 "Access and Closure", text, flyer, afterword

Jun 2008 "Hasan Abdur-Razzaq and Eric Froh", text, flyer

Mar/Apr 2008 "Kathleen Rashid: Paintings 1979-2008", text, flyer, catalog

Other Events

Oct 5 2013 "Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival, James Cornish and friends perform La Monte Young"

Mar 5 2013 "Workshop and performance by Theresa Wong"

Dec 15 2012 "Lo & Behold, Jeff Bloomer book release"

Nov 4 2012 "Pheeroan's Return", text

October 30 2012 "Greg Kowalski / Hamtramck History"

October 20 2012 "Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival, James Cornish and friends, Tzarinas of the Plane"

October 5 2012 "Daniel Simpson: A Rough Guide to the Dark Side"

Sept 20 2012 "Iain Maitland, Graphics Interchange Format, Films-in-Progress"

Sept 12 2012 "The Jack Wright Trio"

June 15 2012 "The Great Lakes Ensemble"

May 16 2012 "Kier Neuringer, Joel Peterson and Bill Hafer", video of Keir solo

Mar 24 2012 "Jürg Wickihalder and Ian Ding"

Nov 25 2011 "nospectacle: consumables (with Matthew Hawtin and Siobhan McKeown)"

Nov 14 2011 "Travis Laplante"

Oct 15 2011 Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival, premiere of the opera "Cornish on Levine", "Rolling Caniff", stop frame animation by Gary Schwartz

Sep 8 2011 "Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn and Gerald Cleaver"

Apr 29 2011 "Paz Con Justicia para Colombia"

Mar 30 2011 "Keir Neuringer, Joel Peterson and Marko Novachoff"

Dec 11 2010 "nospectacle: home for the holidays"

Nov 21 2010 "Dave Rempis, Fred Longberg-Holm and Paal Nilssen Love"

Sep 24 2010 "Lac La Belle / Red Tail Ring"

July 9 2010 "Tatsuya Nakatani"

June 26 2010 "Fire by Night", interview with James Cornish

June 17 2010 "Joe McPhee and the Thing"

Apr 10 2010 "Salim Washington Quintet", photos (ma)

Feb 20 2010 "Three Improvisations: The James Cornish Ensemble with the Mack Avenue Dance Company"

Feb 13 2010 "Jason Lescaleet, Aaron Dilloway, John Olson, Mike Khoury and Ben Hall"

Jan 28 2010 "Frode Gjerstad and Paul Nilssen Love"

Dec 5 2009 "Steve Cohn, Jeff Marx and Joel Peterson"

Dec 4 2009 "Vivir La Utopia", text

Nov 20 2009 "Mike Tamburo and Ben Reynolds"

Oct 3 2009 "Cooper-Moore, Assif Tsahar and Chad Taylor: Digital Primitives", photos (ma)

Sept 28 2009 "Evan Parker and Ned Rothenberg", photos (ma)

Jun 26 2009 "Sabir Mateen's Omni-Sound"

May 17 2009 "Georg Graewe", flyer,photos (ma)

May 5 2009 "Peter Brotzmann and Nasheet Waits", photos (ma)

May 3 2009 "Simon Nabatov", photos (ma), afterword by Pat Frisco

Apr 30 2009 "Boxdeserter Quartet feat Skeeter Shelton, Thollem McDonas, Joel Peterson and Faruq Z Bey", video, photos (ma)

Mar 16 2009 "Frank Gratkowski", "Altsaxophon Artikulationen" (photos ma)

Mar 14 2009 "Jeff Marx Quartet"

Jan 23 2009 "Han Bennink and Mary Oliver", flyer, "han and mary", "traum", (photos ma)

Dec 19 2008 "Salim Washington Sextet", flyer, photo